And then she appeared to Rune, a young girl dressed in silver, sailing down from the lights like an angel, but he sensed in her a lead heart, black and cold. His instincts urged him to get onto his feet, turn and run from this misguided spirit, he knew if he continued looking into her fiery night eyes he’d go crazy.

But then his body relaxed, like an animal accepting it could not escape from its trap. For while he knew this apparition contained a terror that was powerful and rich, he also sensed that they two of them were, as farcical as it sounded, a pair, kindred souls.

The spirit coming down to him was not from his world, this goddess from beyond the sea, yet there was compassion in its ethereal face, an understanding of his sadness. Rune didn’t know what this sea goddess would do with its knowledge; perhaps this creature would exploit that insight, use it to exploit him, be the cause of even more suffering. But Rune sensed that even hearing this sea goddess lie would be better than living without its presence.

He had stepped onto the merry-go-round, and he could not get off until the ride was over. Unable and unwilling to move, Rune looked up as the terrible beauty descended upon him.


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