Chapter 6 – February 14G

Rain —

The teen blinked, knowing he must have read the first word wrong. Rex’s penmanship was notoriously bad.

Rune [that was more like it]

Thank you so much for much for donating [Rex’s grammar also tended to be weak] the epee that your ant brought for you, to the fencing team. It is good to know we have a weapon that can be used in tournaments. I know I certainly could of used it last month, an I look forward to using it this Saturday!
Since you joined the fencing team last year, I have seen your kindness and genorisity many times. You are truly a special person.
I want you to know, that I will always be your friend. Any time you want to practice fencing with me, I will make time with you. Or if you need help at home. I would say that I would help with your school work, but you are the better student by far, you don’t kneed my help!
I don think, I can never be as smart as you. But I do want to try, to be as kind as you. I really hope we can spend more time together.
Your friend,
Rune looked up at the card, saw Rex staring down at him. Rune felt like his face was being scanned for emotions, like Rex was some spaceship computer searching for lift forms on a planet’s surface.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He almost handed the card back to Rex, before realizing how rude that act would be.
The tall teen pursed his lips. “Can I ask — why you think that way?”
Rune frowned. “It probably has something to do with Annie leaving early today — and you not telling me until she’d left.”
Rex raised his eyebrows, excused himself, turned and walked back towards the rest of the team. Rune quickly stuffed the card into his backpack. The two did not speak to each other the rest of that afternoon.

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