Chapter 6 – February 14E

To Rune’s relief, Coach Dan called to OK, began working with her on disengages, his calls of arm first replaced with fingers not wrist. Butch, his round belly accentuated by his tight fencing jacket, seemed eager to talk.

“You going to the tournament Saturday?”

Rune shrugged. “Not sure.”

“Oh! Coach Dan said we should all go.”

Frown. “Coach Dan says a lot of things.” Rubbed his temple. “You going to Page Turners this week?”

“Oh! You want to go to Page Turners?”

“Yeah.” Confusion wiped away by recalling their argument last week. “Y’know, the other day, you just caught me at a bad moment. I didn’t mean what I said, I still like comics.”

“Oh!” Butch scratched his chin. “Well, uh . . . there’s a problem. I can’t go to Page Turners, no more.”

Rune began questioning Butch, was interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. Tall Rex. “Annie said your mom could give me a ride home tonight.”

“Yeah.” Rune had told her they’d be driving both Rex and Annie home that afternoon. He looked around the cafeteria. “Where’s Annie?”

“She had to leave.” Rex sounded surprised, like he’d expected Rune to already know this information.

Rune looked up at the large analog clock above the kitchen windows. Three twenty. “She never leaves before 3:30.”

Rex shrugged. “She did today.” And hadn’t told Rune she was leaving.

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