Chapter 6 – February 13B

Streams of light leapt up from the horizon and danced far above the lake’s black water. The streams were of multiple different colors, and among the familiar whites and yellows there were shades Rune had never seen before, one goldenly purplish, another rust red yet brilliant instead of dull, and a green that did not look in any way natural, but yet still undeniably beautiful.

“Whoa.” The lights ascended further, Rune tilting his head back as they soared above, and the light streams flickered, exchanging colors with each other, as if a cosmic choreographer were deftly flicking switches on a celestial instrument panel. For the first time since he had walked away from the front door of his house that evening, Rune felt at peace, content, and for a moment felt that these dancing streams of lights were the compelling force that had led him here.

Then suddenly, the lights disappeared, and Rune saw only black night above him. He looked back over the lake, saw the light streams receding back towards the horizon. And then, gone.

Disappointed, Rune still thought of heading back, following his trail back to his home. He sighed, stared over the frozen lake, heard the low mechanical hum of the dam’s turbines in the distance. And knew that the peace he’d felt a few seconds before, had vanished with the lights.

Rune resumed walking along the lake shore, his feet scuffing and digging into the unmarked snow. The celestial light show had been a distraction, he knew that with certainty now — when he found the reason for his nocturnal winter journey, he would know. He trudged forward with a renewed determination to reach the end of his search.

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