Chapter 6 – February 10F

The gray blade, a thin v nearly three feet long, glistened under the sharp light of the unshielded light bulb above them. Rune held it by the bell guard, larger than the ones he was accustomed to using during fencing practice. After gazing in wonder at it a moment, Rex tentatively reached for it.

“An epee.” Whisper of a voice, as if Rex feared the mirage in front of him would disappear if identified.

“My aunt was at a yard sale the other day, in the city.” Rune released his hold on the weapon, let it fall into the taller teen’s appreciative hands. “She saw this on a table, lying on the bag. She remembered I was a fencer, so she asked how much it was.” The greasy-haired teen laughed. “Man who ran the sale, he was like, take it. Said he’d bought it for his daughter when she was in school, but she didn’t fence no more, now he just wanted to get it out of his house.”

Rex grasped the handle of the weapon, extended his arm forward, the blade making a line off to Rune’s right. “There’s hardly any marks on it.” Rotated his wrist, eyes scanning the blade. “Like it’s hardly been used.” Grabbed the blade with his left hand, released his hold on the handle, brought the bell guard up to his eyes. “It’s electrical!”

“Oh yeah.” Rune bent down, ruffled his hands through the bag, then quickly stood up, long black wires dangling from his hands. “Body cords!”   

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