Chapter 6 – February 10C

Rune turned, then looked up. You didn’t get a full appreciation for Rex’s height until he was standing next to you.

“Your summons was deliciously cryptic.” A hungry smile. “Do tell me that you’re up to something not particularly good?”

Rune laughed spontaneously, his pleasure melting the frost that had crusted his mood. “Sorry, that was last week, you missed your chance. It’s not here though, at my house, wanted you to see it ‘fore anyone else.” He waved a hand in the direction of the rest of the fencing club, re-assembled around their makeshift strip for another practice bout.

“‘s alright. Talked to Annie, said her mother can pick me up at your place, at 5.”

“Cool.” Rune’s eyes widened in caution. “She’s not coming with, is she?”

Rex’s eyes narrowed. “Negative. She’s staying her, ’til she gets picked up.”

“Ah.” Rune looked past Rex, located Annie’s brown pony-tail. Focused on judging the bout. He looked up at the enormous analog clock, three forty-four. “Whose on bag duty this week?”

Rex pointed with his right thumb behind him. “Our capitan, she and OK are taking care of the equipment. Give them a chance to catch up.”

“Ah.” Rune slapped his forehead. “Getting picked up here, duh!

Rex smirked, dismissing Rune’s self-deprecation. “Juan and I are up next, we can take our leave after I beat him.”


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