Chapter 6 – February 8A

The second Friday

“I don’t think so.” Rune turned his attention to arranging the books on the top shelf of his locker. Pull Trig from its position at the bottom, put it on top of the pile. Look busy.

“Oh!” He could hear the sound of Butch’s breathing behind him. “I just thought, we could go to Page Turners tonight.”

“Not interested.” US History second from bottom, pull it out and put it on top. Still heard him breathing.

“Oh! They said it was too cold, and there’s supposed to be an ice storm on Saturday.”

A combination of confusion and curiosity finally motivated Rune to turn, look at Butch. “I heard it was gonna warm up this weekend, actually be pretty nice.”

“Oh!” Understanding came to Butch suddenly, like a speeding ambulance approaching with sirens blaring. “I meant, the place where the camping trip was, weather’s supposed to be bad there. The camp’s about an hour away from here, my dad rented this bus to take the youth group but when he heard about the weather, he made a call and just in time too, he was able to cancel the reservation.”

Rune cursed himself silently for not cutting Butch off in mid-sentence. “So?”

“So . . . he doesn’t have to pay for the bus.”

Rune shook his head. “So you’re thinking of going to Page Turners tonight, instead?”

“Oh! Well, yeah. We didn’t go this week, so I — ”

“Then why are you asking me? Why don’t you just go?”


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