Chapter 6 – February 6K

Rune opened the refrigerator door, peered inside. “You want a soda? We got diet, and some regular. My dad only drinks regular, says diet soda gives you cancer.” He heard her footsteps across the tiled floor, approaching. “We have juice too. My brother only drinks juice, he doesn’t like any soda, of any kind.” He heard her stopping just outside the door. “We got milk too, only skim — ”

He felt pressure on the outside of the door. He looked up, saw only her face. A gentle smile, patient eyes speaking a silent command. Close that goddamn door already.

“OK.” He closed the goddamn door. And then she was on him, clasping his cheeks in her palms and pulling them together, her mouth finding his gracefully, like one of her perfectly executed lunges, landing deftly on its target, but unlike the other times they had kissed she did not pull back, she pressed on, her tongue thrusting forward and finding his, he nearly gagged from the surprise but recovered, locked onto her lips, pressed hard, bending her head back willingly, the scent of her strawberry chocolate hair filling his heaving lungs.

And then she did pull back, her eyes darting to her right, in the direction of the living room. He grasped her left elbow and led her to the couch (making sure on the way that the opaque curtains were drawn across the bay windows that faced the front of the house), grabbed her by the shoulders and eased them both down to the cushions. And as they kissed again, he realized not only that he had no idea what he was doing, but Annie knew this as well and didn’t mind, she was taking the lead, and at some time during their caressing (he lost track of time, had no idea how long they had been on the couch before hearing his mother’s car in the driveway) it came to him, it’s just like fencing practice, she knows exactly what to do and I’m just making it up as I go along. And when they rose from couch, tucking their clothes back into place and smoothing each other’s hair as his mother walked in from the garage, Rune felt satisfied yet hungry, as eager and confident as he could ever remember feeling.

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