Chapter 6 – February 6H

SUNDAY!” And propelled by a giggle, Annie did exactly what Rune expected she would so — thrusting her arms forward into his chest, she hurled him into the snowbank behind him.

He didn’t resist, let the slight momentum of the push propel him backwards and down. He spread his arms as he fell, and as he landed he grabbed a ball of snow in both hands, lifted his body quickly and threw both at Annie.

The snowball on her left was far wide, and she deftly dodged the other, then rushed forward and with another giggle landed on top of Rune. The two teens wrestled playfully, white puffs of snow flying around them, only the sounds of swishing jackets, mock groaning, and Annie’s giggle filling the crisp winter air around them.

He grabbed hold of her shoulders, locked his legs with her and twisted their knotted bodies until he lay on top of her. He thrust his arms into the snowbank and thrust his body upward, looked down upon her.

Her face was a landscape of eager invitation.

Rune all but fell on top of her, their teeth nearly colliding as his mouth descended on her. They had kissed several times in the past few months, but he had never kissed her before with such passion.

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