Chapter 6 – February 6B

“You going to Page Turner’s tonight?” Local bookstore, independent, family run for three generations. New comics every Tuesday. With fencing practice on Tuesdays and Butch’s Bible studies on Wednesdays, Rune and he typically went on Thursdays.

“Can’t.” Rune was carrying a notebook and textbook in his right hand, turned them to face Butch. “Trig test tomorrow, gotta study.”

“Oh!” Round face looking inward, as if physically searching for words. “There’s a retreat this weekend, gotta leave right after school, won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. We’re going camping!” Red lips wet with spittle.

“That’s great.” Turn the backs back, rest them on hip. “Have fun.”

“Wait.” Rune kept walking, as if he hadn’t heard him. “Annie told me, that if I was to see you, then she told me to tell you, she had something to say to you.”

BRRRRRIIIIING. Rune stopped, turned and glared at Butch. Ned Samuelson rushed past him into the classroom, almost ran into him. Didn’t notice.

“What does Annie want?”

“Oh! I . . . don’t know. She didn’t say.” Butch looked quickly over his shoulder. “Hey, I gotta go to class.” And he did.

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