Chapter 6 – February 4D

As if following a command from the athletic teen, Coach Dan reached across his body with his left arm, and tapped his right shoulder. Rune noticed he hadn’t shaved that day. “The front shoulder provides a far more stable target than the arm, and also has the advantage of being in your opponent’s target area.

“But that doesn’t mean you’ll be free of distractions. Which is where this comes in.”

He then lifted his right arm high, towards the rectangular banks of fluorescent lights suspended from the cafeteria ceiling. The sock he had presented to them earlier, balled up in his fist as he talked with the Bark Bay High School fencing team about arms and shoulders, now fell down to his eye level, suspended from meaty fingers. He pointed behind the irregular line of fencers. “Big Paul — a ball, please!”

A moment later Coach Dan had a yellow tennis ball in his right hand, the sock transferred to his left. He called for Butch to stand in front of him.


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