Chapter 6 – February 4A

The first Tuesday

Tennis balls. Any time the Bark Bay High School fencing squad saw tennis balls at practice, they knew Coach Dan was about to introduce them to another of his typically unorthodox drills.

 “Where’s the rope?” Annie scratching the back of her head, pony-tail quivering as the four fluorescent yellow globes bounced on the tiled floor of the cafeteria, poonka poonka poonk-poonk-poonk.

“This isn’t a point control drill.” Coach Dan dove his arm into the maroon gym bag from which he had just dropped the tennis balls. He then pulled out a tube of gray clothing.

Rex’s laugh echoed across the large room. “A sock?”

“Yes, my friend!” Coach Dan held the cuff of the sock above his head, let the length of the garment hang limp, like a hunter displaying the pelt of his prey.


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