Chapter 6 – February 2E

Rune turned his attention back to the strip, and saw the director displaying a red 3-by-5 card to the Hillcrest skeleton.

“Covering target.” Rune wasn’t sure how Jimmy knew about his confusion, but the slender-armed man with strong hands was definitely speaking to him without looking. “Gave him a yellow earlier as a warning, but he brought his hand in again.” Jimmy placed his left hand over his stomach, then pointed at Butch, turned his face profile to Rune and Annie. “So big boy over here’s now tied, with about ten seconds left.”

“No way!” Rune stared at the strip in disbelief, as the director called for the bout to resume. The skeleton resumed his spasmodic attack, arms and legs flailing wildly, like a marionette controlled by a man having a seizure [author’s note — yeah I know I used a different metaphor yesterday, but I like this one a lot more]. A strike against Butch’s front shoulder landed barely off-target, as did another blow to Butch’s weapon arm, and a second after the bout resumed again the director called a final halt.

“Come here, please.” The director waved Butch toward her, and after failed searches in the pockets of her blue jacket, retrieved a quarter from her right front pants pocket. She showed it Butch. “Heads — ” she turned the coin — “tails. You scored last, so you call it.”

Butch pointed enthusiastically. “Tails! It’s tails now!”

The director blinked, and Coach Dan stepped behind her, into Butch’s view. “She’s going to flip it in the air, Butch, and you have to say which side will show when it lands on the floor.”

Butch took off his mask, stared at the director and Coach Dan earnestly. “Oh! So you want me to wait until it lands, and then say heads or tails, right?”

The director rolled her eyes, and Coach Dan stepped forward. “In the interest of time — how about I recommend you call heads, Butch.”

“Oh!” Butch blinked. “So how do you know it will be heads?”

Jimmy groaned. “Good thing she didn’t do the number of fingers thing.”

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