A Good Finish, and Big Plans

Like what I’ve done with my “Town Tales” the last month. Kind of made it up as it went along — started the first post not knowing exactly where it would lead, and after finishing the scene after five posts, decided the format was nearly perfect. Five posts, about 1500 words altogether, is enough to meet my development goals for a character, and (perhaps more importantly) keeps me from rambling. It’s a format I’ll likely revisit in the future.

Speaking of that future, I’m making a commitment today to participate in the National Novel Writing Month challenge in November 2015. The “fencing team novel” I’ve been developing in this blog will be re-worked, improved, and amended — and finally get a title! There’s much planning to be done in the next 304 days (he types, hoping he’s done the math correctly), and chapter six needs to be drafted, starting tomorrow. But I’m going to be ready for November 1, and by the end of that month I’ll have something that looks like a coherent, complete draft.

Let me end this year by thanking all of my readers (whether you’re an official follower or not). This blog has never been about numbers — it’s communication that motivates me. Even having one person take the time to click the Like button for one of my posts is inspirational. I thank you for the inspiration, and hope you enjoy the work I plan on doing in the coming year.

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