Oil Change, Part 3

“So you’re in school?” The young man responded with a look that seemed intent to push her away. Compression wrench, frrwhrr frrwhrr.

Swipe the moustache. “Graduate this year. Got enough credits now, but there’s some stupid state law, says I have to stay enrolled, even though I don’t need to.”

Glance back at parking lot, still empty. “Well, I hope you’re wrong. About the bridge, not the election. I know a lot of people go back and forth between here and the city each day, that bridge would save everybody a lot of time.”

The young man leaned back, with a smile as insincere as a gift card wedding present. “They ever build that bridge, this town would die within three years.”

frrwhrr frrwhrr

“Die? Wouldn’t the town grow?” She had seen management reports, projections of revenue in the region for the coming decade. “Be easier to commute to the city.”

“Yeah, but there’s a lot more towns closer to the city, they’re already growing.” New store being planned east of the city, pending municipal approval, ground breaking in spring. “Those towns, they’ve already planned for expansion. This town, Bark Bay, they’re putting all their hopes on maintaining the status quo. And as long as Stephens’ in office, that’s exactly what we got.”

frrwhrr frrwhrr

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