Parachute, Part 4

The two boys were jumping under the parachute as if their stockinged feet were on fire, as the girls continued looking up to Annie with their eager inquisitive faces.

“Can we practice fencing with you on Tuesday?” Tallie was more animated than Annie could remember.

The athletic teen closed her eyes and shook her head, her brown pony-tail wagging behind her. “Oh I wish I could, but that’s the day you have Tumbling Tots with Gandy.”

“We don’t like Gandy.” Charise did not flinch when Annie turned to her, wide-eyed, but continued as if in response to her instructor’s surprise. “She’s really old and slow, and doesn’t see too well.”

Annie blinked. “Well that’s — ” She closed her mouth tight, exhaled through her nose. “I don’t — ” She could feel her face reddening and excused herself, turned from the children and pretended to sneeze, then allowed herself a silent laugh which provided her enough relief to turn back to her class.


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