Parachute, Part 3

Annie put her hands on her hips, and gave a mock stern look at Benji, the multi-colored parachute resting on her head dispelling any suggestion of severity in her tone. “Because I have to! My friends will be so upset if I didn’t come to practice!”

“Are your friends nice?” Tallie was a quiet girl with straight black hair, who reminded Annie of The Bird.

“Oh, they’re super nice!” Now wasn’t the time to tell them about the argument that had erupted at this week’s practice, of having to separate Double-J and Juan before they came to blows. “I have so much fun fencing with them!”

“What’s fencing?”

Annie had to force herself not to roll her eyes at Benji’s question. “It’s like sword fighting.”

Benji and Justin, the two boys in the Tumbling Tots class, nearly jumped through the canopy of the parachute. The girls in the class looked up at her in wonder. But it wasn’t until Tallie asked if she ever got hurt doing sword fighting that Annie realized how poorly she had read the course of this conversation.

But there was no turning back now. “No, we wear these metal masks, and these thick white jackets on our bodies. And the swords we use, they have rubber tips and dull edges, so you can’t get cut by them.”


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