Revealing The Secret, Part 1

[Today’s prompt from The Daily Post, Envelope Pushers, is about taking risks, and evaluating the outcome of that decision. I’m inspired to create another multi-post response.]

“I need to tell you something.” Annie’s words sounded unsure, almost nervous. Not like her at all. Suddenly Rex understood why she’d made it a point to offer him (just him) a ride home that evening, why she’d asked him to step outside the cafeteria and wait with her (and only her) even before the fencing club’s practice had ended, why she’d seemed so off that afternoon — losing to Double-J was no surprise, but not getting a single touch?

Rex looked down at her, literally. Since his growth spurt at age eight, he had been always been close to a foot taller than any of his classmates, and the teen had thought he had overcome the social awkwardness of his height. But the connections he had made with the fencing club had revived those insecurities. He swallowed. “What’s up?”

“It’s Rune.” The greasy-haired teen, like Annie a year behind Rex, hadn’t been at practice that evening.

“Is he OK?”

“Yes.” Annie shook her head. “I mean, no, that’s not the issue. What I meant was, I don’t know if he’s OK or not, which doesn’t mean that he’s not OK, it’s just — ”

Rex held up the palm of his right hand. “Let’s just assume Rune’s OK.” He smiled. “And why don’t you tell me, what it is you want to say about him.”

Annie exhaled. “It’s — personal. And I don’t know if he’d like me sharing this information with you, or anyone else.”

He screwed up his face in confusion. “Rune being secretive, is hardly a secret. But you’re not one usually to gossip, so I’m curious why you’re taking a chance here and letting me in on one of his secrets?”

“Because — ” Annie slapped her gloved right hand hard against her jacket — “it’s about me. Rune and I, we’re dating.”


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