[Today’s prompt from The Daily Post: anything that includes “a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning.” OK then … ]

“When has he ever not been there?” Coach Dan forced a smile as he continued driving. “And he said he’d get Rex there by close of epee registration at 10:30 — Double-J’s not one to make commitments he doesn’t intend to keep.”

“Commitments? You mean, like being there for your teammates?” Not seeing a reaction from her coach, Annie resumed looking out the driver’s side window, and squinted as the autumn sunlight of the crisp, bright morning struck her face.

Sitting in the back seat between Rune on her left and Butch on her right, The Bird asked if foil always started before epee and sabre, and when Rune said yes, she asked why. Rune hummed, then his eyes brightened. “You know, probably because it was the first event in fencing. It’s tradition. There’s a lot of tradition in this sport, that’s why they still use so many French words.” Coach Dan glanced up at Rune’s reflection in the rear-view mirror, and smirked involuntarily.

Butch started to ask nervously if he needed to learn French, when a sharp metallic chirp erupted from the front seat. Annie fumbled through the pockets of her down jacket as the chirp repeated, and by the time she finally located her phone she was too desperate to answer to check the caller ID.

“Hello?” SEE YA. The voice from the speaker was loud enough for everyone to hear, and came a second before they heard the roar of the engine behind them, pebbles flying from the speeding car’s tires as it passed, then cut abruptly back into their lane, the rear fenders of Double-J’s coupe missing the front of Coach Dan’s sedan by inches. And as the coupe barreled away from them, a right hand rose from the driver’s side, a left from the passenger’s, and waved.

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