Competition season should finally start tomorrow. This one’s a large tournament in Canada, at Brock University outside of Toronto — my first international meet. Doubt I’ll be pulled in to officiate at this one.

Got my goals down to three single words:

Compete — push myself to get the most out of my abilities and skills. Always fight for the next touch, regardless of the current score.

Learn — come up with a plan, execute it, and observe what about it works. Identify the flaws in my game. Make adjustments as the day progresses, to give myself the best opportunity for success.

Enjoy — appreciate the fact that at 52, I’m able to compete with athletes who are only a few years older than my children. And don’t just compete with them; interact with them. Fencers are the most creative, intelligent, wonderfully offbeat people I’ve ever known, and being part of this culture brings me much satisfaction.

No goals regarding wins, touches, placement, or indicator. At where I’m at now in my fencing career, those kinds of foci lead to frustration. I’m going to lose a lot of bouts tomorrow — but if I can stay focused on my three goals, this can be a very positive step forward.

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