No Treats

[My response to today’s prompt from The Daily Post: Trick or Trick]

Wonder Woman deserves some chocolate, he thought as the fingers on his right hand flitted through the large orange bowl of candy he held in his left.

“Trick.” He looked up at the soft sound of the young girl’s voice.

He smiled, held out the Snickers, and spoke in the manner of a stage hand reading a line to a forgetful actor. “Or treat.”

It was then he noticed Wonder Woman wasn’t carrying a bag or plastic pumpkin.

“Trick.” The girl sounded impatient. “I want you to do a trick.”

He glanced over the girl’s head. The sun had long set, and the city-approved time for candy mongering was ending. Wonder Woman had been the first visitor to his door in almost thirty minutes; when the doorbell rang, he’d quickly chewed a roll of Smarties to mask his beer breath before coming to the door.

He extended the Snickers to the girl again. She wasn’t wearing a mask, a tiara resting on her black hair. “Sorry, Princess Diana. All I gots tonight is treats.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

He didn’t like the tone of her voice. He tossed the Snickers back into the bowl, then reached out to grab her shoulder.

He gasped, wide-eyed, as his hand passed through her.

Wonder Woman glared at him grimly. “You had your chance.” And as she disappeared, he heard the front door of his house slamming behind him, and from the corner of his vision he saw the lights in his house, one after another, going dark.


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