A Reading for Fornax, 10/14

[My response to today’s prompt from The Daily Post: In Retrospect, a horoscope from the beginning of this month for a new astrological sign]

YOUR SIGN: Fornax, furnace of the gods
DATE: October 2014

The distance between the twin stars of Alpha Fornacis will be visible through a simple telescope this month. You will feel the pull of equally irresistible forces at polar extremes from each other. You’ve been anticipating a major life event for months, but there will be a last minute change that will delay this event until November; this change will cause you to feel greater anxiety and frustration than usual. Beware of Horologium (the Heavenly Clock), who will exacerbate these feelings.

You will also be tempted to procrastinate more than usual, as your typically cautious nature turns into a fault. Keep close to Lupus (the Wolf), who will embolden you.

LUCKY NUMBERS: 2, 9, 12, 13, 24, 56


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