Funnies (Dark Safari J)

Dan lifted the plastic Coke tumbler, drank quickly from the straw, placed the tumbler back down on the table. “You’re an involved parent who’s concerned about what your children are reading. There’s a thing or two all of us could learn from — ”

“All riiiiiiight.” The waitress with the mole on her right cheek swept up to the table, a large brown circle with plates of food in her arms. Dan and Cyrus watched passively as she placed the plates in front of them, neither looking particularly hungry at the moment. After unloading the last plate, the waitress picked up the comic book that lay on the table.

“Are these your funnies?” She had presented the comic book to Dan, who shook his head. She then showed it to Cyrus, who took it from her with an embarrassed smile and placed it back in the bag at his feet.

The waitress left, and Dan waited for Cyrus to look back up again. “If you find the story offensive, well, in this case at least I’m not going to question your judgment.”

Cyrus raised his eyebrows, glanced down at his food. “I appreciate that.”

Dan made a circle with his right index finger and thumb, and extended the hand over the table, above where the comic book had been. “But I don’t want you to be afraid of it. You’re too strong a man, too good, to let a silly story like that cause you fear.”


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