Navigation (Ginger Man 12K)

Charlie choose an answer which he hoped would navigate him through the rock-strewn sea channel between Confession and Perjury.

“Only a crazy person would believe Mike’s turned into a Ginger Man. And I don’t consider myself crazy.”

Rune leaned back in his metal chair. Charlie could tell by the teen’s expression that his ship hadn’t yet cleared the channel.

The teen nodded in the direction of the notebook, lying on the table. “So what, exactly, are you planning to do with that?”

Charlie shrugged, and felt he could give the relaxed answers of truth. “Dunno. Mike’s mom said I could keep anything I wanted. ‘Spose I’ll hang onto it, ’till I figger out something.”

Rune nodded, leaned forward. There was a softness in his face as he made eye contact again with Charlie. “Sorry I couldn’t be much more help. Like I said, I didn’t know Mike that well — he only played D&D with our group a couple-few times a year, at most.” He smiled. “But I remember him talking ’bout you. And always having a good thing to say.”

Charlie reached across the table, picked up the notebook. “Thanks. And you’ve been helpful, really.”

They didn’t talk about Mike or the notebook again as Charlie drove Rune back home in his pickup.

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