Writing the Story (Ginger Man 9F)

Charlie knew what was going on. Actually he had no idea what exactly was happening, but rather understood that his telling the story to Maggie as they prepared and ate dinner, his scribbling the story into the notebook now that she slept — he was creating the words, but he wasn’t actually writing the story, no sir-ee Bob.

“Of course.” Alone in the dark and quiet trailer, he still felt compelled to speak aloud, have the words cut through the cold air and stimulate his ears. “It’s Mike story.” Mike’s dead, Charlie. “I know.” Rammed a car into a tree at Pete’s Elbow last month. “But it’s still his story, one uva his best one’s, sumpin’ he told me one year at summer camp.”

Charlie heard a laugh. Do you really believe dead men tell tales?

Charlie shook his head, picked up the notebook and pen again. It was the middle of the night, and he was cold and tired. Only way to stop his mind from playing tricks on him was to finish this damn story.

He focused intently as his hand operated the pen, etching ink onto to white notebook paper. The fortune teller tried to stop the Sleeping Jaywalker rising from his bed, saying what he was attempting was too dangerous, but he got up anyway. “I know I’ll never rest again until the truth is discovered.” He walked out of his bedroom, saw one of the cops sitting on his sofa. The cop saw him, picked up his walkie-talkie, pressed a button and spoke in urgent whispers, but made no action to stop the Sleeping Jaywalker as he opened the front door and left his home.

Charlie flipped the notebook page and continued. As he started sleepwalking down the city sidewalk, he noticed the fortune teller was still beside him, had followed him out the door. “Did the cop see you?” he asked. “No,” explained the fortune teller. “He can’t see the spirit world like you can, when you’re sleepwalking.” The Sleeping Jaywalker asked if he were dreaming, said he didn’t remember dreaming during any of his earlier sleepwalks. “You’re not dreaming,” the fortune teller explained. Charlie flexed his wrist. “You are communicating with both the physical and spiritual worlds, at the same time.”



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