The Trap (Ginger Man 9D)

Determination triumphing over anxiety, Charlie returned in his underwear to the sofa in his trailer, and resumed writing.

“I don’t know who killed them, but I can lead you to him.” At least that’s what Charlie thought he heard the voice say

The policemen asked the Sleeping Jaywalker what he meant, and he replied, “The killer will only reveal himself to me, and only if I’m alone. If there’s any cops around, or if you put a wire on me, he won’t come. He’s too smart to allow anyone to track him.”

“So how are we supposed to catch him?” asked the sitting cop.

The Sleeping Jaywalker touched the breast pocket of his shirt, forgetting that the tarot card had been removed. “Wait for us at Tower Warehouse, on 16th Street.”

“If he’s as smart as you say he is,” the standing cop said, “what makes you think he can be lead into a trap?”

The Sleeping Jaywalker smiled. “I won’t be leading him. Because I’ll be sleeping the whole time.”

The cops are skeptical, but since they haven’t been able to turn up any leads in the murders they decide to give the Sleeping Jaywalker’s idea a chance. The cops take him back to his home, and sit in his living room as he goes to bed. “I usually start to sleepwalk at 3 AM,” he explains. “Don’t try to stop me, don’t try to follow. As soon as I leave, wait for us at the Tower Warehouse, on 16th Street.”

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