A Voice in the Dark (Ginger Man 9C)

Then the Sleeping Jaywalker

Charlie stopped writing. He looked down at the notebook.

Then the Sleeping Jaywalker

Charlie yawned, looked over at a clock above the sink in his trailer. It was 2 AM. He yawned again, and was suddenly unsure whether he had the strength left to finish the story that evening. He looked down at the notebook again. Then the Sleeping Jaywalker

“said he knew who killed the nurse, but didn’t know where he was.”

Charlie jumped off the sofa, the notebook and pen falling from his hands onto the floor of the trailer. “Who’s there?” He wasn’t sure where to direct his question, where the voice he’d just heard had come. Dressed only in his t-shirt and underpants, Charlie looked around the trailer frantically, at once hopeful and fearful of locating someone.

The trailer seemed as dark and empty as usual. Charlie turned on every light he could find in the living area, kitchen and bathroom. Nothing. He walked into the bedroom, saw Maggie still lying face-down on the bed, her red hair splayed across the blanket he had covered her with. He watched her body a moment, saw her back rise and fall in a steady slow rhythm.


Charlie turned suddenly at the sound, fists raised. Nothing. Just the sound of the trailer settling. Nothing.

Realizing he had been holding his breath, Charlie exhaled. It was late, he was tired. Mind playing tricks on him. That voice must have been in his head, triggered by the sudden memory of what came next in Mike’s story.


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