Legal Advice (Ginger Man 8V)

“Guard takes the guy down the hall, unlocks a door. In the room there’s a man in a suit, back to the door. Room’s dark, there’s only a metal table and two chairs. Guard leaves and closes the door, man in the suit tells the guy to sit down.”

Maggie walked back to the sofa, handed Charlie a bowl of ice cream, sat down next to him. He sensed that she had lost interest in the story, but Charlie was determined to finish it anyway, this story that Mike had told him those many years ago.

Have I done something wrong? the guy asks. Man in the suit looks confused. You were snooping around a crime scene, he says. The police have kept that location under surveillance ever since they found that officer’s body there. Your actions were considered — suspicious. That was why they brought you in for questioning. Guy says, Where did this happen?, and the guy in the suit looks confused again, says You don’t remember?

“That’s when the guy tells him about his sleepwalking. He leaves out the part about seeing the dead people. Man in the suit leans back in his chair, says Well if you were sleepwalking, that explains why you haven’t said anything, until now. Then he leans forward, whispers urgently at the guy. Look, I’m just a court-appointed attorney, not your lawyer. I can get them to release you if you just tell them you happened on that location by accident, while you were walking in your sleep. If you don’t say anything they find useful, they’ll let you go. But if you say you’re in any way connected with these murders, I can’t help you any more, they’ll keep you here as long as they want.

Maggie finished her bowl of ice cream, laid it on the floor in front of the sofa. Charlie had not even started his.


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