Danger Accepted (Ginger Man 8S)

“The fortune teller gets this sad look on her face. I died the first night you walked in your sleep, she tells him. I was killed, murdered violently, just like the nurse, and policeman. I met them, they told me how they couldn’t be at peace until what happened to us, all three of us, was revealed. So I reached back to your world, searched for someone with an awareness of ours.

“And that’s when — ” Maggie yawned, leaned into Charlie’s chest — “that poor guy started sleepwalking?”

Charlie put both arms around her. “Yuh. So the guy says, Why can’t I leave now? And the fortune teller says, Because it’s too dangerous. Before, when you were just a faceless soul I communicated with in his sleep, the peril I was putting you in wasn’t real to me. I never expected you to seek me out. But when you came to me, and I saw the nobility of your soul —

“The nobility of your soul?” Maggie’s body tightened. “Mike write that, or did you just make that up?”

“Yeah, sometimes talked like that. Anyway, fortune teller says that now she knows him, she can’t put his life in danger no more. Guy says, I’m not afraid. Let me help you, all of you. And she says, I can’t.

“Then the front door, the one that was locked — ” Charlie drew his arm from behind Maggie’s back, raised both hands above him, clapped — “BOOM! Throws open suddenly. Guy turns around, sees nobody there — and when he turns back to the fortune teller, she’s gone.”

Maggie yawned again, stretched her arms above her head, her red hair cascading down the back of the sofa. “Sorry. There much more to this story?”

Charlie scratched his beard. “I kin skip some. Guy doesn’t know what to do, ‘cept go home, wait for his next sleep walk. But when he gets up the next morning, he feels more refreshed than he could ever remember. And he knows right away, he hadn’t sleepwalked.”


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