An Encounter with Death (Ginger Man 8R)

“The fortune teller asked who he was speaking to in his dream. Guy says it was an old man, dressed all in white. Was that Death? he asks.”

Maggie shifted her body in the sofa, drew Charlie closer. “That’s kinda what I assumed.”

Charlie put her arm around her. “But nah, the fortune teller said Death only appears once to each person, and since you’re still alive, you must have seen another spirit, another visitor from the world beyond. What did he say to you? And then the guy says they visited the sites where the nurse and cop’s bodies were found, and how he now suspected that those weren’t the places where they actually died.

“Guy gets off the cot, starts putting on his clothes, talks to the fortune teller about how he needs to find out what really happened to the nurse and cop. I can’t let you do that, the fortune teller says. The man stops — he’s got his pants half-way up his legs, but he stops, looks at the fortune teller.

How long have you been dead? he asks her.”


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