The Lock (Ginger Man 8Q)

Charlie walked over to the couch, lifted the plastic cup of soda that Maggie had poured and left for him from the end table given to him by an aunt, then sat next to her. “The guy, the sleepwalker, didn’t see like he had any other option, ‘cepta go with the man in white.

“So they walk across town, to one of the bridges over the river that ran through the center of the city. The guy’s like, I know this river, so he stops the man in white, says, Ain’t this the bridge where they found the nurse’s body?  The man in white nods, then tells the guy to follow him. Few minutes later, they get to this warehouse, guy recognizes it too. Ain’t this the place where they found the cop’s body? he asks. The man in white nods again, then smiles. He’s got a patient look on his face, like he’s waiting for the man to realize what comes next. Finally, guy says, These ain’t the places where these people died, are they?

“A-ha!” Maggie ran the fingers of her left hand through the thick curls of her wavy red hair, as her right hand reached across Charlie’s shoulders. “So what happens next?”

Charlie raised his eyebrows, placed his right hand on Maggie’s thigh. “The man in white disappears, and suddenly everything goes black. Takes him a second to realize he’s got his eyes closed — he opens them, and sees that he’s lying in the cot on the fortune teller’s home. He sees her sitting on a chair next to the cot. Did I sleepwalk? he asks her. No, she tells him, and points to the front door. I locked the door, kept the key in a place you couldn’t find. You did get up once, but when you saw there was no way out, you lay down again. And then, I heard you talking.


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