Night Shift (Ginger Man 8E)

Charlie rubbed his right thumb against his middle finger, as he tried to remember what Mike had told him next. “Yeah right! So the man, he asks the woman when she’d seen him, an’ she says it was about three in the morning — ”

“Three?” Maggie poured the contents of the colander back into the cooking pot. “What wuz she doin’ up at that time?”

“She’s a nurse, was workin’ the night shift.” Charlie rubbed his thumb more vigorously. “Woulda tol’ you that, if you didn’ keep interruptin’.”

“Sorry.” She opened a sauce packet, poured its contents into the pot. “I’m guessin’ her being a nurse has sumpin’ to do wi’ the rest of the story?”

“You’ll find out. Anyway, the nurse tells the man that she saw him walkin’ in the middle of the night, in his pajamas. She tried to call to him, but he didn’t answer. I got worried, she tol’ him, saw you walking towards the street, didn’t want you to walk out into traffic —

“At three in the morning?” Maggie walked over to makeshift table in the kitchen of Charlie’s trailer. “Where they live, New York city?”

“Yeah.” Charlie rubbed his thumb. “Well, maybe. Doesn’t matter, just some city where people drive at three in the morning. Anyway, the woman says, But when you got to the sidewalk, I saw you stop, look both ways. I went up to you, touched your arm, but then you turned away, walked back to your apartment.

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