Chapter 5 – January 16R

COACH DAN In your abilities, trust me, my friend,
I have no doubt. But your experience
Is simply insufficient, admit it.
Less than an hour ago, you and I
Were sitting in the audience, watching
This performance of Hamlet. Now we’re here,
Living in this world, not just watching it.

REX And we’ve done a pretty good job so far,
If you ask me.

COACH DAN Agreed. But an hour?
You really think that’s enough time for you,
For anyone, to become accustomed
To a world so much older, so much more
Violent, than the world from which you came?

REX If you’re trying to scare, intimidate
Me into coming back with you, please stop.
My mind is made up — I’m not going back.

COACH DAN No, of course not. You’re free to make your own
Decisions. But I can’t let you stay here
Unless I’m certain you’re ready to face
The challenges of the world you’ve chosen.

REX Maybe you should say where this is going.

COACH DAN Certainly. [waves DOUBLE-J towards them] This is a dangerous world,
With, let’s say less stringent laws regarding
Manslaughter. Basically, if you can show
A reasonably just cause for killing
Someone, you’ll likely get away with it.
What I’m saying, you need to be ready
To defend your life, quite literally,
At all times. And I don’t think you’re ready
To repel that kind of lethal challenge.
[turns to DOUBLE-J] You, on the other hand, have seemed almost
Too comfortable since we arrived here.

DOUBLE-J Don’t think you meant that as a compliment,
But I actually kinda like it. Thanks.

REX But you don’t want to stay?

DOUBLE-J Nah. I’m fed up
With these ten-syllable conversations.

COACH DAN But before you leave with us, could you do
A favor to your friend, and show him what
It takes to live, to survive in this world?


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