Chapter 5 – January 16Q

[Author’s note: Didn’t like the plot decision I made at the end of yesterday’s post, so I’m changing it]

DOUBLE-J This ain’t no fencing tournament, old man.
Soon as I’m done with the sweet prince, see ya!

COACH DAN Not even to lend a hand to a friend?
[points to REX] Our best epee says he’s not going back,
Says he wants to stay right here, in this world.

DOUBLE-J What? [to REX] That’s nuts! Have you fucking lost your mind?

REX Not you, too. Don’t even try to talk me
Out of this. You can go, but I’m staying.

COACH DAN How you live your life is your decision,
My friend. But have you really thought this through?
How you’ll live in this world?

REX What’s to think through?
I’ll do what I did back in Bark Bay — survive.
That’s the best anyone of us can do,
No matter where or when, or how, we live.


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