Chapter 5 – January 16P

Enter SERVANTS, with flagons of wine

KING Set me the stoups of wine  upon that table!

COACH DAN [aside to THE BIRD] It could work. Double-J wasn’t there when
He arrived at the theater tonight.

THE BIRD [aside to COACH DAN] I know you’re right, I was there the whole time.

COACH DAN And he doesn’t know the play well, either.
That works to our advantage, as well.
[Calls to DOUBLE-J] Hello there! Mind if I interrupt you?

DOUBLE-J [breaks off from fencing HAMLET] What’s wrong now?

COACH DAN Oh nothing, nothing at all!
I was just wondering who else you were
Planning to challenge, aside from Hamlet?

DOUBLE-J This ain’t no tournament, old man. After
I’m done with the sweet prince, I’m outta here.

COACH DAN That doesn’t sound like the young man I know.
Thought you enjoyed exploring your limits.
[points to TEDDY JASPER] I’m thinking that guy over there, he could
Give you a run for your money, for sure!

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