Chapter 5 – January 16O

COACH DAN Wait — don’t go, not yet.

THE BIRD Yes, Mr. Jacobs?

COACH DAN You know we can’t let you do this alone.
I don’t know how we got into this world,
But I know we all came in together.
Me and the team are going to help you,
Whatever it is you’re about to do.

THE BIRD I — Mr. Jacobs, it’s not that simple.

ANNIE We don’t care whether it’s simple or hard.
We’ll do whatever you need — we’re teammates.

THE BIRD That’s what’s wrong. I’m not on the fencing team.

RUNE Get out! You’ve been to like every practice!

ANNIE Of course you’re on the team! Don’t be silly.

COACH DAN [holds a hand up to ANNIE and RUNE] Wait — I think I know where she’s coming from.
Can I speak to you alone, a moment?

THE BIRD nods, walks with COACH DAN apart from ANNIE and RUNE

THE BIRD I didn’t mean to upset anyone,
Mr. Jacobs. I just don’t see myself
Being on this, or any other team.

COACH DAN Tell me, my friend — have I ever asked you
To join the Bark Bay High School fencing team?

THE BIRD [shakes her head] No. Not ever. Nobody has, really.

COACH DAN Precisely. Because I don’t think of us
As a team. School neither — we’re just a club.
If you’re asking me, we’re closer to a
Family than we are to a team.


COACH DAN Lemme guess — doesn’t sound better?


COACH DAN No problem. Look at it this way, my friend —
Like it or not, we’re going to help you.

THE BIRD Is that what family’s do? I didn’t know.

COACH DAN Figured that, from what I know about you.
And yes, family’s have a way of sticking
Around, whether you want them to or not.

THE BIRD I see. [Nods] OK, here’s what I’ve got in mind.

COACH DAN leans forward as THE BIRD whispers in his ear

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