Chapter 5 – January 16N

BUTCH [rushes up to RUNE and THE BIRD] Hey guys! You know what Rex just told Annie?

THE BIRD About not wanting to return to the
Audience? Yeah, he told me already.

BUTCH Oh! Then I guess — that means we’re stuck here, right?

RUNE There’s a lot going on, none of it good.
At least for us, anyway. Double-J’s
Still dueling Hamlet, won’t let the bout with
Laertes get started, like it’s supposed —

DOUBLE-J Goddammit! Can I get a real ref here?

RUNE The Bird’s mother is running off with that
Teddy guy, before her role as Queen ends —

QUEEN Off to bigger and better things!

TEDDY Lovely!

RUNE And now you say Rex is refusing to
Help end this play. I honestly don’t see
A way out. I think we’re screwed, basically.

THE BIRD No — I know. I think I do, anyway.

BUTCH What’s your idea?

RUNE What can we do to help?

THE BIRD I — don’t know you can, unfortunately.
Ever since we came into this world, jumped
In from our seats in the audience, the
Action of the play’s revolved around me.
I think I have to be the one who makes
This play reach its end, so we can go back.


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