Chapter 5 – January 16M

ANNIE [aside to REX] Hey. I heard Rune talking, said you didn’t
Want us to return to the audience.

REX [aside to ANNIE] If you wanna go back, that’s fine by me,
But if it’s all the same to you, I’ll stay.

ANNIE You do know how ridiculous that sounds?
I mean, an American teenager
Living in a five hundred year old play.

REX And going back to the world we’re from makes
All kinds of sense? Well, for you, I guess so.

ANNIE Don’t make this about me. I know your life
At home is rough now, but you can’t give up.
You’re family — only thing wrong is, you’re
Just poor.

REX Just poor? Annie, this isn’t like
A thunderstorm, something we have to let
Blow over, run its course — poverty is
A curse, a disease with no cure. All the
Odds are stacked against my family now.
My mom’s dying, there’s nothing we can do.
The state’s gonna take my sisters away,
Put them in foster homes. You really think
I want any business with that world?

ANNIE It doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve told you,
My father’s going to help your family,
Get you a doctor, lawyers, people who
Can help you escape from — from where you are —

REX Our trailer, you mean? You’re intelligent,
But naïve. You’ve never experienced
How the world really works, because you’ve been
Sheltered, in that big home your family owns.
My family, we don’t got no shelter.
The world you all want me to return to,
It’s vicious, unfair, it’s about to crush
My family under it’s heavy heel,
Stamp us out like bugs. You think I’m crazy,
For wanting to stay in this world? I say
It would be crazy for me to go back.
I can’t help my family — nobody,
Nothing can lift the curse that’s over us.




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