Chapter 5 – January 16K

THE BIRD [aside to RUNE] Get Mr. Jacobs!

RUNE [aside to THE BIRD] Don’t you mean Coach Dan?

THE BIRD Whatever! We need him to help persuade
My mother to continue playing her
Role as Queen Gertrude, until this play ends!

ANNIE I’m afraid there’s a problem. I told him
Already about your mother, and he
Said he can’t help us, said we’re on our own.

COACH DAN That’s right, my friends. My role tonight is to
Bring you to the play, not change its outcome.

THE BIRD But the play has already changed! We don’t
Know how we can get it to finish now!

COACH DAN Neither do I. Your guess is just as good.

RUNE But — your older, and wiser than we are.

COACH DAN And have been trapped in the same number of
Elizabethan tragedies as you!

THE BIRD But why are you refusing to help us?

COACH DAN I am helping — by letting you create
Your own solution to our shared problem.
It’s the same reason why I started the
Fencing team at Bark Bay four years ago.
I wanted to give students like you the
Chance to discover the potential that
Lies within each of you. I never try
To give you answers — you discover them
Perfectly well on your own. Tonight is
No different. I believe in each of you —
Now is the time to believe in yourselves.

RUNE Great time for one of your life lessons, Coach!

COACH DAN If you pay attention, you’ll find that life
Is always trying to teach you lessons.

TEDDY JASPER This has been delightful, but it’s now time
For Janet and I to get out of here.

JANET WERNICK We’ll see each other again, somewhere in
The world of the theater! Let’s go, Teddy!

RUNE [aside to ANNIE and THE BIRD] We have to figure out how to stop them!

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