Chapter 5 – January 16I

RUNE I don’t understand. We’re all here, why aren’t
We back in our seats? Why are we still here?

TEDDY JASPER [enters from right] The reason is, some of us want to stay!

THE BIRD [points to TEDDY JASPER] You’re not in costume! Your clothes are modern!

TEDDY JASPER [grinning] Why, yes, little bird — I’ve decided that
I didn’t particularly enjoy
Being a character in a drama
That was written over five hundred years
Ago. I believe it’s time to live in
The moment, and not in the distant past.

RUNE But didn’t you say you wanted to stay?

TEDDY JASPER Well yes. But not in the past, when this play
Was written, but rather in the moment,
This moment, when it is being performed!

THE BIRD You’re nuts. This play, it’s just about to end —

TEDDY JASPER Only if we let it end! But, sadly,
At least for our long-dead playwright, God rest
His decaying bones — I have other plans.
[Extends his right arm towards QUEEN] Janet, are you ready?


QUEEN [takes TEDDY JASPER’s hand] Yes, my dear.

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