Chapter 5 – January 14C

Who commands them, sir? The Bird groaned, grabbed Rex’s arm and pulled him toward the tree line at the edge of the field. She hid behind a wide trunk as Hamlet and the other characters approached.

“What do you mean, it’s too late?” The nephew to old Norway, Fortinbras. “And since when did you memorize Shakespeare?”

Rex turned to her, shrugged. “I didn’t memorize anything. The words, they’re just coming to me. Rune and I — ”

UUUUU-HUH. The Bird made no attempt to disguise the dismay in her growl. “So which character is Rune playing?”

Hamlet addressed Rex, who replied with his lines of dialog. The Bird remembered this was a short scene, and Rex’ character would only appear again on stage at the end, with no lines. Maybe that’s all she needed to do, let this performance play out until the end, then she and her friends on the Bark Bay High School fencing team could return to their world — no, with Double-J interfering like he had, there was no longer any certainty this performance would end according to the script.

God buy you, sir. Rex began walking away.

The Bird stopped him with a sharp whisper. “Where are you going?”

Hamlet had stepped a few yards apart. How all occasions do inform against me!

Rex looked back, making sure he was not seen before making eye contact with The Bird. “I’m exiting, that’s what I’m supposed to do.”

Sure he that made us with such large discourse

She stepped out of the tree line, into the field. “You’re supposed to be finding me, remember? And now, you have.”

Examples gross as earth exhort me

She pointed in what she instinctively knew as the direction of the castle. “So why don’t we go back, find the room you and Mr. Jacobs were hiding in, and let’s all figure out how we can get back — ”

Rex raised a hand, silencing her. “I’m not going back.”

Rightly to be great is not to stir without great argument



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