Chapter 5 – January 10F

The Bird looked at Hamlet and her mother (still dressed as Save-Ana and still, she assumed, playing the role of Gertrude), and was relieved somehow by the knowledge that they looked as surprised and horrified as she felt at Double-J’s violent intrusion.

“What hast thou done?” Yes, thought The Bird, that was the next line, confirming that her mother was still in character.

His eyes locked on her mother, Double-J pointed his bloody rapier at Hamlet. “What sunshine here should have done two acts ago. Or scenes, or whatever the hell you call it.” He twisted his head and smiled viciously at Hamlet, a drop of blood dripping from his blade, the drop splattering on the stone floor. “Don’t mind me doing the dirty work, do you?”

“Nay, I know not.”

Double-J snorted. “Figures.” He walked brusquely past The Bird, making no indication that he recognized her, not even as he waved her arms and called to him.

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