Another tournament tomorrow, an E and Under. Goal this time is to maintain focus, something I have yet to master.

So many distractions — doubt about abilities, anxiety over results, anger at minor inconveniences. All overreactions caused by my heightened emotions, as was my response last tournament, which was to act like a goofball.

Tomorrow, I just want to fence. Focus on doing what I can on strip, and forgetting about all the other nonsense.

Doubt? It is the execution, not the outcome, that matters. If I execute properly, it does not matter if I land the touch or make the parry.

Anxiety? Tomorrow’s results will not determine my future in this sport. Win some or not at all, I’ll be back at practice next week, and enter the next local E and Under.

Anger? If I make a mistake that causes a setback, or something happens beyond my control, don’t react personally. Apologize, shrug your shoulders, then move on.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a happy day, a time to enjoy participating in this fantastic sport. If I can say that I had a good time fencing, that will be a victory.


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