Chapter 5 – January 3A

The third Tuesday


The Bird had not paid attention to the sound of the cafeteria’s metal double-door klack open, but Rune’s ejaculatory bellow was too loud for her to ignore.

Sittin by the bay-ah. The Bird recognized the singing voice as Annie’s, sitting behind her. Although she didn’t recognize the last word, it definitely sounded like bay-ah.

Rune was now walking swiftly into the cafeteria, hand raised over the greasy curls of his long red hair. A manic snarl crossed his lips moments before his mouth erupted in another explosion.


I’m gonna set your flag on fay-ah

“TALKIN BOUT — ” Rune was merely shouting, making no attempt to sing.

Hey now — There was a giggle in Annie’s singing response.


Hey now —


Iko iko un-day!

“WHOOA-OH!” Rune lowered his arms as he walked obliviously past The Bird, the manic look in his face gone. Anne continued singing behind them, Jock-a-mo fee-na ai na-ne, jock-a-mo fee na ne.

[1/27/14 — corrected the title, and added the date at the top]


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