Chapter 5 – January 1M

“Anyway.” Annie spoke in a commanding tone. “Tuesday. Anyone speak to Double-J yet?”

“Dunno.” Coach Dan smiled back at his team captain. “Have you?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, he’s not entirely open to my suggestions. Think he’ll only come if somebody else suggests it.” Jimmy took a step between Annie and Coach Dan, asked what was going on. “Coach is taking us to see a play, Tuesday. ‘Hamlet.'”

Jimmy’s eyes widened, the look on his face conveying the fear that his volunteering to serve as assistant coach for the Bark Bay High School fencing team had just earned him an additional unwanted responsibility. “‘Hamlet?’

“I know the fight choreograhpher.” Coach Dan sounded uncharacteristically pleased with himself. “Knows how to make stage fencing seem realistic.”

Jimmy shook his head. “Daniel, I didn’t sign up for no Shakespeare.”

“No worries. Should be able to handle these kids on my own.”

“Provided we have Double-J’s car,” interjected Annie.

Coach Dan responded nonchalantly. “If there’s not enough room in my backseat, maybe somebody can ride up with The Bird, and her mother. She’s in the play, you know?”

“The Bird?” Jimmy sounded incredulous. “You mean that thin girl who didn’t say two words at the party?”

Annie blinked. “Her mother. She’s playing Gertrude.”

“Ah.” Jimmy’s response made it clear he had no idea what a Gertrude was. He looked around them quickly. “Ain’t seen The Bird today. Where is she?”

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