Chapter 5 – January 1D

[Today’s entry is the second of my contributions to this week’s challenge from The Daily Post.]

Double-J came forward, and without looking Rex could sense Kristof beginning to retreat, preparing for his counter-tempo attack. The ting of blades — a second ting — Double-J had parried Kristof, then landed his riposte to score his first touch.

Their bout moved quickly from that point, Double-J using a series of feints and disengages to further throw off Kristof’s timing. Having surrendered three straight touches and now trailing, Kristof abandoned his counter-tempo strategy and became the aggressor. Now it was Double-J who had his opponent playing his game, scoring a riposte off a desperate Kristof lunge with an ease that made his action looked choreographed. Kristof did manage to land a touch off a disengage, but then Double-J coaxed Kristof into attempting his counter-tempo attack once more. Double-J was waiting with the parry, and his riposte gave him the 5-3 victory.

A quick salute to Kristof and the referee, an obligatory shaking of hands, then Double-J, the thin black wires of his hair and moustache matted with sweat, turned to face Rex, who smiled in greeting. “So you figured it out.”

Double-J squinted. “Figured what out?”

Rex widened his eyes, waved in the direction of the strip. “The . . . the counter-tempo. You saw what he was doing, beat attacking off your advance.”

“Huh.” Double-J looked thoughtful, then proceeded to unhook himself from the cord reel. “That what he was doing?”

The tall teen looked down on Double-J, incredulous. “You don’t see? But you did the perfect response! How could you do that if you didn’t see what he was doing?”

Double-J looked up disdainfully. “Yeah I saw — just didn’t think about it.” He tapped his temple lightly, twice. “You’ve been doing epee too long — you think too much. I beat him by fencing like we were doing saber, going on instinct. Don’t think — just go.”

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