Claude and Fraud Do Something 1U

[Another week, another writing challenge from The Daily Post. One of the options for this challenge is to write “a character study of one person, told through snapshots of their December 23rds.” As usual, I’m working this in to the flow of my current project.]

“Perhaps we should go back to our apartment,” said Fraud to Claude.

Claude shook his head. “I don’t think that is a good idea. You’ll just sit back in your green corduroy recliner, put your feet on the matching ottoman, and read your newspaper.”

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Fraud.

Claude rolled his eyes. “Because every evening when I arrive at the apartment and take off my beige jacket with the hood that doesn’t fit my head properly, that’s what I see you doing.”

Maude, who spelled her name Maud but pronounced it as Maude, interrupted. “Every evening?”

“Yes!” insisted Claude. “Every evening since last December 23.”

Maude looked confused. “What happened last December 23?”

“There was no newspaper delivery that day,” explained Claude. “There was a big snowstorm the previous evening, and everything was shut down the next day.”

“So what did you do on that day?” asked Maude, turning to Fraud.

“The same thing I do every December 23,” explained Fraud.

Claude blinked, then glanced at a wall calendar he remembered seeing when they had walked in to the coffee shop. The date on the calendar was December 22. Claude stared back at Fraud. “You actually do something every December 23?” Fraud nodded. “I didn’t know that.”

“We’ve only shared an apartment for a year and a half,” explained Fraud. “Last December 23 was the snowstorm, so it was a coincidence that you didn’t see me doing what I normally do on that day.”

“But why December 23?” asked Maude.

“Because it’s two days before Christmas.”

Maude shook her head. “But what — ”

“Who cares?” interrupted Claude. “What I want to know, what is really important, is — ” Claude stood up from his stool, leaned over the table towards Fraud — “what is it that you do every December 23? What are you going to do tomorrow?”

Fraud smiled. “I am going to do nothing. Every year, on December 23, I’m going to take the day off from reading the newspaper.”

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