Claude and Fraud Do Something 1G

[I’m resuming my effort to incorporate The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge into the flow of my current project. This week’s challenge is to incorporate multimedia components into my writing, which gives me the opportunity to conduct an experiment I’ve been eager to undertake.]

Fraud was still sitting in his green corduroy recliner reading his newspaper when Claude walked back into the room. He was carrying a tablet computer. Claude was carrying it, not Fraud, who was still reading his newspaper.

“We can use this to write our story,” said Claude, holding up the tablet to Fraud. “How should we begin?”

Fraud put down his newspaper. “I have an idea,” he said, holding a hand out towards Claude, who handed him the tablet. Fraud held the tablet close to his face with his left hand, and with his right index finger punched on the surface of the tablet several times. Claude walked behind the green corduroy recliner and watched the words appear on the tablet:

“‘The Sign Said Walk?’ What do you mean by that?” asked Claude.

031 (2)“That’s the title of the story you want us to write,” replied Fraud.

“Well now, I wasn’t expecting such a quick response! Well then, what’s the significance of the title?”

Fraud shrugged. “I don’t know. Just sounds like a good title to me.”

“But what’s the concept behind this story?”

“I don’t know. All I have is the title and the first three lines.”

“Ah! And what might those three lines be?”

Fraud resumed tapping on the tablet:

Claude touched Fraud on the shoulder. “Wait, wait, you can’t use your own name in this story.”

“Don’t worry, we can use your name for another character later.”

“No, no, we can’t do that either. Don’t you see, we can’t write about us, we need to establish characters who are substantively different from ourselves. It’s called aesthetic distance, and we need it to give our characters freshness.”

“Whatever you say,” said Fraud.

“Let’s call this first character Bob, all right?’

“How about Marie?”

“Oh, so we’re giving our character a sex change, eh?”

“I don’t think she’ll mind.”

“And the rest of the story, so far?”

Fraud resumed tapping on the tablet:

Claude read the words Fraud had written:

The Sign Said Walk

Marie was walking down the sidewalk when she came to an intersection. She looked up at the street light. The sign said ‘Walk’.

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