Summers 13M

Jane heard a car pass outside, and nearly laughed aloud. Her words had silenced the room so thoroughly that the incidental sounds from a sleepy suburban street could now echo off the walls. She decided not to wait for the questions that would certainly come once the wave of surprise had subsumed.

“I almost told him. That Friday, after the Monday I woke up and the world had changed. Brad was in St. Louis again that week, on business — there was no way I was going to tell him what had happened over the phone. He got tickets to a concert that Friday, and I wanted us to enjoy the show, so I thought, we’ll go to my place after the show, then I’ll tell him. And I was going to tell him, really I was — had the words on my lips — ” Brad I don’t recognize computers or smart phones, I don’t remember owning a car, and you probably won’t know what I mean when I say Unirail doesn’t exist anymore but believe me it’s a big deal — “and then he pulls this little white box out of his pocket, and all of a sudden . . .”

Jane ran her right hand back over her scalp, her dirty-blonde hair flying back from her face. “All I could think was, this isn’t the right time. Not for his proposal, not for me to give him an answer — not for me to tell him what happened to me.” She slapped her hands down onto her thighs. “It didn’t seem the right time for anything.”

Gary shifted forward in his chair. “Have you made a decision? About Brad?”

Jane laughed. “I’ve been so busy trying to get my life back to normal — that I’ve avoided thinking about it. Brad, he’s been great, really patient, but I can tell he’s getting tired of waiting. Waiting for me to decide when I can make a decision.” She blinked, turned to Dr. Patel. “Which I guess tells me which answer I want to give him.”


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