Summers 10F

Jane blew air through her lips, letting them vibrate audibly. Then shook her head as she remained seated, facing Gary. “Ha.” Her laugh was brief and dry. “You know what’s funny about this feeling I have, that I’ll wake up one morning and everything will be like I remember it.” She turned in her chair, waved at  the monitor on her desk. “No personal computers.” She reached over to her desktop, grabbed her smartphone, held it up for Gary. “None of these things. No Internet, no 4G or 3G or whatever. Totally different transportation infrastructure.” She laughed again, staring down at the floor. “That really is what I want, but when I think about it actually happening, you know what’s funny?”

Gary’s broad oval of a face stared at her earnestly. “Tell me.”

She looked up at him, met his gaze. “I don’t want to forget.” She held up her smartphone again. “About this, or computers, or any of the technology in this world.” She blinked. “I don’t want to think about these past two weeks as some kind of bad dream, because — because this is part of me too.” She stood up, waved her arms in the air. “All of this is so bizarre, and I just want it to stop, get back to normal.” She looked down at Gary. “But if I had to choose between getting back to normal and forgetting about all this, or everything staying like it is now — I’d take the latter.” She beat her palms against her chest, twice. “Maybe that’s why this has happened to me, to make me realize that no matter where I happen to be, I’m going to be who I am.”

Gary suddenly looked confused. “You think somebody’s trying to teach you a lesson?”

She threw her hands down, slapping the outside of her thighs. “I don’t know. Makes as much sense as any other explanation I can come up with.”


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